Technical Inspections and Reporting  

Rednaif & Associates acts independently on behalf of the client to ensure build and technical standards are adhered to.

On site inspections and "Gemba" walkabouts ensure the client get a complete picture of compliance, or, in most cases non-compliance 

Poor workmanship, odd engineering practices non-compliance is the "raison d'être" for Rednaif & Associates


Independent technical facilities inspection and consulting is the fastest growing area for Rednaif & Associates as statutory, local and national technical standards are not being adhered to for various reasons.


Rednaif & Associates is also able to consult at the conception part of a technical project and to advise on ideas and direction.

Contractor evaluation is extremely important, as it could make, break or delay projects. R & A has a substantial data base on who, and who not to use. 



Project Planning

Planning a project ? Rednaif & Associates has a multi-point reference model for the client to consider, ranging from spacial design to comfort of furniture and right through to any associated technical risks for the business.

LED retrofitting in commercial buildings ?  Call us for the latest ideas from around the world. (Local installation teams) 

Utilities and Energy

Rednaif & Associates has become heavily involved in Utilities. Most business's "just pay the bill." Measurement and evaluation of electricity, gas, and water is a must for all business's. You cannot manage what you do not measure.

Most South African business's do not have an energy strategy, let alone an energy manger in place. The Financial manager is usually tasked the responsibility for energy.

Energy, therefore, should be on the company’s risk register for three reasons:

  • Cost: Energy will rise every year by an unknown amount.

  • Energy is normally the 3rd largest cost to company for most business’s.

  • Energy supply is an issue. How will companies operate in the event of power outages without the necessary measures or kit in place.

Interestingly, if the board of Directors or FM do not understand the use and cost of Energy, they are not fulfilling their legal fiduciary duties, as rising cost may threaten the overall sustainability of the business.

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