Having spent over 20 years working across various industries, a key common theme was starting to occur. 


Technical staff weren't that technical. More often than not, they had informal technical skills and experience, but when asked to expand on their thinking it became evident that they lacked formal training, knowledge and understanding.


An extensive search was then underway to establish if there was any Technical Facilities Training that was not too complex or too long, but imparted just the right amount of information and knowledge.  Nothing could be found.


This led to Rob writing and publishing a book that he now facilitates training on.


The book is aimed at empowering your technical teams with real, detailed examples of technical environment commonly found in and around most buildings. It will teach them foundation skills and some complex ideas as well, all completed in simple, easy and fun workshops.

The outcome of the workshops is focused, knowledgeable technical teams that are empowered to make a difference, armed with detailed real-life situations and experience.

Do you have a technical team that is lacking in skills, knowledge and education? Do you have support management & related staff members that simply don't understand. 

Let us help you to empower those team members to ensure that they are able to develop a meaningful career path, and continue to be a valued member of your team, whilst up-skilling them and helping them to grow.